My Game Reach closed alpha is now live!

by Stephen Caruana - May 19, 2017
We are proud to announce that My Game Reach has just gone live!

Join the Alpha!

Some of the core features you can benefit from right now:

Instant aggregation and visualisation of your sales data - Simply upload the sales data you can get from your distribution platform (which is normally in .csv format).

Automated retrieval, aggregation and visualisation of your marketing data - There are currently two main data categories: videos and landing pages (i.e. web pages or any resource with a tracker). The available services are YouTube for the former and Google Analytics for the latter. We'll be constantly adding more throughout this Alpha period.

Date-tagging - Mark important dates (such as events, version releases, big press features, etc...) to give context to the rest of your data.

This is the very first public version of My Game Reach, so as you may appreciate we still have a long road ahead of us. We'll be constantly improving and adding more features to it. Our roadmap will give you a high-level overview of what we plan to roll out over the coming months.

Joining us this early in the process gives you the advantage of being able to influence My Game Reach and help us mould it to your needs. To this end, we've set up some community and support mechanisms so you can reach us with any questions or feedback (and even be involved in our development process if you'd like):

Let us know what you need, what irks you the most, or what looks promising. We don't bite ;)

See you in the forums!


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