Here's a high-level overview of what we're currently working on and what we plan to roll out over the coming months.
For higher visibility into our progress and a more detailed update on other features as they are completed, check out our live progress board.
Marketing data importer and aggregatorDeployed live
Redesign of the marketing data import and aggregation pipeline
Automated data import from source via 3rd party APIsConstantly adding more
My Game Reach hooks directly to data APIs (where provided by related 3rd party systems) to automatically import your data from source
More community and support featuresIn progress
Documentation, support/ticketing requests, community forum, etc...
Multiple project spaces and users per accountIn progress
Each account will be able to support:
  • multiple game/project spaces which can be managed separately
  • multiple logins with full roles and permissions system
Automated currency conversions
Recognition of different currencies within the data and automated conversion to common (customisable) currency
Trend analysis and data extrapolation
Statistical analysis of your data
Detailed content drilldown
Improved UI to make investigations of correlated data even simpler
Additional data visualisations
More graphs, data segments, alternative data visualisations...
Noise cleanup
Ability to toggle smoothing in high-level visualisations to clean up statistically insignificant noise from the data
Other KPIs besides sales
Tracking and mapping of more metrics related to marketing
Personalised dashboard
Dashboard with customisable widgets to give you a snapshot of your most important data views
More customisation options
Even further customisation of different aspects of the system, such as platform names, data sources, colour tags, labeling, branding etc...

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